Your Body Is Made Of Cells -- Make Sure They’re Protected

By: Paul Wilson,
Your Body Is Made Of Cells -- Make Sure They’re Protected

People have been trying to beat the effects of aging since, well, since people started aging.

And there’s no shortage of options in the marketplace from which to choose that offer methods to maximize your youth and vitality. So a fair question to ask is, what makes us different? What sets Stem Cell Renew -- the “Young Again Formula” -- apart from the rest?

The thing that makes Stem Cell Renew different is that we take a science and evidence-based approach to discovering the finest tools that are available for us to use. The premium ingredients inside this formula -- those finest tools available -- have been clinically tested for their ability to stimulate the production of new, healthy stem cells.

Cells are the building blocks of life. And our bodies naturally produce stem cells, the body’s “raw materials,” which have the ability to develop into different types of cells throughout the body: cells for the eyes, brain, skin, hair, etc. Essentially, stem cells are the repair system for the human body. And as we age, our ability to efficiently produce stem cells slowly diminishes. And yet, that does NOT mean there aren’t effective steps you can take to keep your body feeling and operating like that of your younger self! Stem Cell Renew is our one-of-a-kind formula that far outstrips competitors’ bland, uninspired products. It was developed by former NASA nutritional scientist Dr. Sam Walters using safe, effective, premium ingredients to boost production of stem cells, which are then distributed where the body needs them most.

Let’s take a look at these ingredients and what makes Stem Cell Renew so effective.

Lycium Barbarum

Known as “the key to eternal youth” in Tibet, Lycium Barbarum (also known as the “goji berry”) has been shown to support the somatic stem cells in the body. This is due to the presence of lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBPs) which have been shown in a human in vivo study to replenish antioxidants in the body, which fight the effects of aging. LBPs also increase a “super antioxidant” in the body called superoxide dismutase, which is a natural enzyme that purges free radicals from the tissue and blood in order to preserve somatic stem cells, which helps to keep the body young.

Wild Blueberry Fruit Powder

Anti-aging researchers love blueberry extract, because while it would take consuming several containers of blueberries every day to get all of their anti-aging benefits, blueberry extract has been shown to decrease the amount of oxidative stress that occurs in the brain as we age. Inside Stem Cell Renew is a super potent and absorbable form of blueberry extract, derived from a specific group of “low bush” blueberries that are richer in antioxidants than regular blueberries. A proprietary process that preserves their natural content allows one to enjoy all the benefits of this antioxidant “superfood.”

Coenzyme Q10

CoQ10 is a compound created in the body and stored in the mitochondria -- the energy center of cells. A study from the University of Colorado, Boulder found that CoQ10 can “make old blood vessels feel young again.” We produce less CoQ10 as we get older, so supplementing with a highly potent form of this compound found in Stem Cell Renew can help support drive and energy at any age, and can even improve exercise performance, recovery, and healthy brain function and memory.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract

Ginkgo biloba is a pure full-body benefactor. It can help improve mental performance, memory, focus and attention span, as well as numerous benefits to the body. Ginkgo biloba can help increase circulation throughout the body. A study from Hebei Medical University found it can increase production of nitric oxide -- known for its ability to help support ideal blood pressure and overall health and wellness -- by 12%. Stem Cell renew uses a highly potent extract, which maximizes the efficacy of this leaf.


Found in red wine, resveratrol can be very effective in boosting youthfulness and health. While drinking the amount of wine necessary to harness the numerous benefits of resveratrol is impractical and contradictory to optimal wellness, Stem Cell Renew’s formula contains the ideal dosage to support healthy aging. Johns Hopkins Medical School and Cornell University found resveratrol switches on a gene called SIRT1, which in animal studies has been shown to extend lifespan by 38%. The resveratrol used in Stem Cell Renew has also been shown to support DNA repair.


This proprietary full-spectrum grape seed extract contains trans-resveratrol, which is a biologically active form of resveratrol. Its unique polyphenols, which are among the most potent anti-aging compounds in nature, can act like a “free radical shield,” as well as boost collagen production to help with younger, healthier skin.


This focus-enhancing ingredient can be found in green and black tea. And the dosage used in Stem Cell Renew has been shown to boost “creativity and focus centers” in the brain. It has the unique ability to simultaneously promote alertness and relaxation. It can increase energy, yet also promote sleep quality at night.

Vitamin D3 Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12

These three vitamins have been linked to streamlined physical and mental health, even as one ages, while helping to maintain young skin, strong bones, consistent energy, better mood, and more. The exact dosages of each of these vitamins inside Stem Cell Renew are ideal for boosting longevity and enjoying the aforementioned benefits.

Stem Cell Relief is a safe, effective, and proven way to help stimulate production of those critical “building blocks” your body needs. The process to perfect this unique formula was long and arduous, requiring many iterations, lots of research, development, testing, and repeating… until we got it right. And the result is the best formula for boosting stem cell production, regardless of age.

Doctor-formulated, doctor-tested, and doctor-approved. Best of all, Stem Cell Renew is made with you in mind. Through rigorous vetting and development, our formula is, we believe, the best science has to offer, so that you can get every ounce out of life with a stronger body and mind.

You can claim your bottle of Stem Cell Renew by clicking here.

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