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Made from the highest quality ingredients.
We don't cut corners when it comes to choosing our ingredients. There's a vast difference in efficacy between a low quality herb powder versus a superior extract that delivers results. When you use Vitality Now products, you can be confident you're getting the very best ingredients available.
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healthier brain.
Youthful Brain is our best seller for good reason -- this product delivers amazing results! Find out why our brain support product is so amazing.
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Youthful Brain Bottle

Youthful Brain

Scientifically-formulated brain health support for improved performance


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Youthful Sleep Bottle

Youthful Sleep

Innovative formula for improved sleep quality and next-day function


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Stem Cell Renew Bottle

Stem Cell Renew

Unique formula to help stimulate healthy stem cells and overall health


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Endocan Relief Bottle

EndoCan Relief

A breakthrough pain-soothing discovery...for when you need it most.


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What makes us different?
Doctor Formulated
Doctor Formulated
All Vitality Now products are formulated by Dr. Sam Walters. A full-time physician formulating all-natural solutions that have a powerful impact on health, most notably for NASA.
Clinically Tested
Clinically Tested
All Vitality Now products are tested in the real world in Dr. Sam Walters’ clinic. You can rest assure that all Vitality Now formulas have been used in a clinical setting.
Quality Guaranteed
Quality Guaranteed
We only use the highest quality ingredients manufactured under the strictest cGMP quality control guidelines. Every raw material is tested to ensure its purity and potency.
100% American
100% American
We still believe in the American Dream. Our mission is to save and create American jobs, especially in manufacturing. All our products are 100% manufactured in the United States.
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5 “Brain Hacks” To Boost Your Cognitive Strength Today
Ever walk into a room and have trouble remembering why you did it? Have you ever blanked on the name of a friend you definitely should know? Or do you ever find yourself starting a sentence and then struggling to remember what you wanted to say? These are all signs of an annoying yet very real issue with millions of Americans called “brain fog
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7 Brain Games To Keep Your Memory Sharp…That Are Actually Fun!
When we talk about memory, it usually refers to a significant event that we can recall even years later
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Simple ways to lower your risk of forgetfulness?
The term forgetfulness is a generalized description for a group of signs and symptoms caused by diseases and disorders that target the brain
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Scientists Say 'Peanut Butter Test' Detects Brain Fog Better Than MRI
Scientists are now saying that brain fogging may actually start in your nose, more specifically the area of the brain responsible for smell

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